comprehensive housing studies          ::         market studies          ::          project research          ::         program development

 Comprehensive Housing Studies
-Needs Identifications
-Demographics Data Collection and Analysis
-Housing Condition Analysis
-Rental Housing Analysis
-Recent Sales Analysis
-Program and Resource Identification
-Program Recommendations and Timeframes
 Market Studies

-Market Conditions and Inventory
-Affordability Analysis
-Demographic Data Collection and Analysis
-Market Surveys
-Sales and Rent Analysis
-Trend and Forecasts
-Site Analysis
 Project Research

-Program Specific Research
-Program Analysis and Recommendations
-Site Analysis
-Customized Research
 Program Development

-Competitive Grant Application Preparation
-Program Structure and Planning
-Delivery System Development
-Program Administration
-Federal/State Compliance Reporting

We would be pleased to provide you with references for every study we have conducted. We are confident that all of our clients will wholeheartedly endorse our firm. Some references have been listed below.

  • Dorothy Gaffane
    Executive Director
    Willmar HRA
    333 SW 6th St.
    Willmar, MN  56201
    Phone: (320)-253-8637

  • Louis Jambois
    Executive Director
    Association of Metropolitan Municipalities
    145 University Ave. West
    St. Paul, MN  55103
    Phone: (651)-215-4000

  • Julie Frick
    Executive Director
    Carver County HRA
    705 North Walnut Street
    Chaska, MN 55318
    Phone: 952-448-7715

  • Patrick Hentges
    City Manager
    City of Mankato
    PO Box 751
    Mankato, MN  56002